To Provide logistical and Co-ordinated assistance which is Non Discriminatory, Spiritually Uplifting and creating the conducive environment for fulfilling the obligations and needs of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims whilst ensuring Equitable Access and equal rights for all South African citizens


SAHUC aims to:
  • Uphold honesty and integrity as virtues amongst all SAHUC members or representatives.
  • Prepare a concrete plan for each Hajj and Umrah period.
  • Develop a sound framework for and between all stakeholders regarding the period of Hajj and Umrah and maintaining an optimal balance of rights for all parties.
  • Develop a best practice guide and negotiating instrument between the KSA and SA governments with the interests of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrim being foremost interest of all pilgrims.


2nd Floor, Saley House
81 Crown Road, Off Bree Street

Kwa-Zulu Natal

Office 3, NMJ Islamic Centre
37/41 Mountainview Road

Cape Town

2nd Floor Wembley Centre
(above Wembley bakery)
21 Belgravia road