1. The registration list is queued date and time priority. For 1st time eligible applications (fully paid, complete application).
2. Factors that will affect the position in the list, and not restricted to are:
  1. Marriage
  2. Death
  3. Grouping of individuals based on Mahram request
  4. De-grouping of individuals based on repeat vs first timers
  5. A date is set whereby the list is closed off and will be taken off the public site
3. A date is set whereby the list is closed off and will be taken off the public site.
4. An external audit of all processes is undertaken.
5. Accreditation is granted on date and time priority.
6. Applicants will be informed of their accreditation by sms.
7. Applicants will go back onto the system to accept accreditation or transfer their application.
8. If accreditation is not accepted within the stipulated time period, SAHUC reserves the right to de-accredit with a penalty of 30 points.
9. Cancellations are filled by those next in the queue on date and time basis.
10. If cancellations are received at a stage where deadlines are passed with the Ministry of Hajj e-HAJJ system, The National Hajj Accreditation committee (NHAC) reserves the right to identify persons within a set period of time, to fill those spaces in order to meet the requirements as set out by the Ministry of Hajj.


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