1. Who can apply?
  • Applicants under the age of 18 years will not be eligible for accreditation.
2. Who may not apply?
  • Any Muslim male or female under the age of 15 yrs (fifteen years).
  • Foreigners / expats who are not permanent residents of South Africa.
3. What if I performed Hajj within the last five years?
  • All Hujjaaj who performed hajj within the last five years can apply but will be scored accordingly.
  • The Saudi Arabian authorities discourage persons who have been in the past five years to come for Hajj.
4. When does registration commence?
  • Registration is perpetual - SAHUC reserves the right to close the application system for any specific year.
  • Registration is based on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis in date and time priority where FIRST time Hajjis will be given preference over repeat Hajjis.
5. How do I register?
6. Where do I register?
  • Visit the Sahuc hajj registry website.
  • registry.sahuc.org.za / www.sahuc.org.za
  • Or; visit the local SAHUC office for assistance with registration
  • Cape Town: 2nd Floor Wembley Centre (above Wembley bakery)
    21 Belgravia road
    Belgravia Tel: 021 696 4433, Tel: 021 697 5503 Fax: 021 697 5317
  • Durban: Office 3, NMJ Islamic Centre, 37/41 Mountainview Road, Roseglen, 4091
    Tel: 031 207 3975 Fax: 086 535 9641
  • Johannesburg: 2nd Floor, Saley House, 81 Crown Road, Off Bree Street Fordsburg Tel: 011 838 9786 Fax: 086 273 0328 Email: sahucgtn@telkomsa.net
  • Visit the NGC member organizations of SAHUC in your area.
7. How can my family(immediate) help?
  • Any family member who has access to the internet can complete the registration form on behalf of his /her family. The person on whose behalf the application is made is responsible for the accuracy of all information recorded on the web-site.
8. What do I need to register?
  • A computer that's connected to the internet.
  • A workable printer connected to the computer.
  • Green bar-coded South African identity book.
  • Passport if available - preferable
  • Health condition - (Very important to assist with correct administration of services where necessary, including HIV Aids, this will enable us to carry the necessary medication because it is not available in Saudi Arabia. All illnesses will be treated in the utmost of confidence.)
  • All relevant personal details - address, contact numbers, next of kin, email address, etc
9. What is the registration fee and how do I pay
  • A non-refundable registration fee of {{settings.applicationFee | currency:"ZAR ":2}} ({{applicationFeeWords}} rand) must be paid by direct deposit or EFT into our First National Bank account.
    • Account details: South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC),
    • Bank Name:First National Bank - Fordsburg;
    • Branch Code:252505;
    • Account Nr:62179376754.
  • All deposits must include a Reference Number for tracking purposes. The Reference Number starts with the prefix ZAF and ends with the suffix A. The Reference Number will be communicated to you via Email, SMS and can also be viewed by logging into the user portal.
  • Example: ZAF1396706176418664A
  • The application fee is applicable to hajj {{hijriYear}}AH only.
  • Payments must be made within 5 days of the application date.
  • All payments received after the required 5 days, will shift your place in the queue to the day of payment and not the date of registration.
  • The responsibility is upon the applicant to ensure that the application together with payment is completed in full.
10. Who can be my Mahram?
  • A valid Mahram must be 18years and older.
  • A valid Mahram is someone you cannot get married to. (Father, son, brother, husband, uncle, grand-father, nephew, son-in-law)
11. What if I don't have a Mahram?
  • The Shafi'i mathab allows a female to travel without a Mahram to perform her fard hajj from the age 45 years and over with a group of pious ladies.
  • No hajj operator or group leader will be accepted as valid Mahram.
12. When does registration close?
  • The registration process is perpetual and does not close. However SAHUC retains the right to close the application process for any given year.
  • It is however important to clearly select the year that you are registering for.
13. When does accreditation take place?
  • Hajjis will be accredited after SAHUC announces the cut-off date and time for applications.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by SMS and the names of the accredited Hujjaaj will be placed on the SAHUC Hajj Registry website.
  • Once you are accredited, you are required to pay {{settings.accreditationFee | currency:"ZAR ":2}} into SAHUC's bank account per accredited applicant. You will only be able to choose your selected agent once SAHUC receives the Hajj service fee in the specified time.
14. When am I eligible for accreditation?
  • When your application form is 100% percent complete.
  • When your {{settings.applicationFee | currency:"ZAR ":2}} registration fee is paid in full.
  • When your place in the queue is reached.
15. How do I complete the form?
  • There are three kinds of applications:
    1. Individual
    2. Couple (Family of two persons)
    3. Family (Three or more linked applicants)
  • The person serving as Mahram is always the main applicant (male only).
  • All female members of the family will be linked to the Mahram.
  • If you are a female without a Mahram, select individual, then select over 45 yrs.
  • Family members should be added to an application by using the Add Member button.
  • A Mahram who has performed hajj within the last five years may be a Mahram to a female relative and must indicate same on the application.
  • If you select a husband & wife and/or family of two, the two persons will be linked and their time and score will be averaged.
  • If SAHUC determines abuse of the Mahram system, the registration and accreditation will be revoked.
  • If you select family, the family will be linked and their score and time will be averaged. This will apply if there is first time and /or repeat hajjis as part of the family group.
16. How do I score?
  • All hajjis start with 100 points.
  • If you younger than 18yrs and older than 15yrs you will have 5 points deducted. (Family score will be averaged).
  • If accredited, a person younger than 18yrs but older then 15yrs must travel with his / her family.
  • A repeat hajji will be scored as follows: If previous hajj performed in the last:
    1. 1 - 5 yrs - minus 50 points
    2. 6 - 10 yrs - minus 40 points
    3. 11 - 15 yrs - minus 30 points
    4. 15 yrs+ - minus 20 points
  • An additional 10 points will be deducted for every hajj performed.
  • Where a repeat male applicant serves as a Mahram to his wife and or female members of his family whom are all 1st time hajjis, he will score 100 points.
  • A repeat male serving as Mahram to a combination of 1st time and repeat hajjis in his family group will not be eligible for the 100 points. The repeat rule will apply and the group's score will be averaged.
17. On what basis will I receive accreditation?
  • Accreditation will be granted on first come first serve basis; applicant score, the date and time of application and payment of registration fees will be taken into account.
  • Applicants will be queued by date and time of application, average score and confirmation of registration fee.
  • Preference is given to 1st time hajjis who are performing their FARDH hajj.
  • When a 1st time hajji applies with a family group of repeat hajjis, his/her score will be averaged with the group and will be queued with the group accordingly.
18. How long will I have to accept or cancel?
  • Applicants will have seven (7) days to accept or cancel their accreditation.
19. How do I cancel my accreditation?
  • Once you are accredited by SAHUC, you accept or cancel your accreditation online.
  • If an applicant fails to take up his/her accreditation and fails to inform SAHUC of such cancellation, the accreditation will be cancelled by SAHUC and will attract a penalty of -30 points for each applicant.
20. How do I de-link?
  • An applicant can de-link from the main/Mahram applicant.
  • This must be done in writing to SAHUC
  • To de-link applicants will require identity numbers and reference numbers of the affected applicants.
  • The Mahram must request for the de-linking in writing.
  • No link or de-link will take place once the Hujjaj are accredited.
21. How do I choose my hajj operator?
  • Before making the selection, every applicant must have carefully scanned all packages available and have made his / her choice of hajj operator.
  • Following the acceptance of the accreditation the applicant will be directed to the list of accredited hajj operators.
  • The hajji then selects a hajj operator from the list of accredited hajj operators as provided.
  • The applicant may then print the confirmation indicating that they have chosen the specific accredited Hajj operator.
22. How long can I be linked to the hajj operator?
  • Applicants have fourteen days (14) days to contract with the hajj operator from the date of selection to complete the necessary contracting.
  • This time line will change as we get closer to hajj. (SAHUC will announce new dates)
  • Failing which, the hajj operator has the right to delete your details from their portal.
  • When a hajj operator delete an applicant, such an applicant will receive a sms from SAHUC stating that he/she has been deleted.
  • The application fee is applicable to hajj {{hijriYear}}AH only.
  • The applicant will be given three (3) days to select another hajj operator.
  • Failing in doing so, the applicant accreditation will be cancelled
  • The applicant will be re-queued; minus 30 points.
23. How do I change from one Hajj operator to another?
  • Written submission must be made to SAHUC by the applicant. He /she must also provide a letter from the hajj operator confirming that no contract was entered into.
  • The applicant must provide reasons for the change.
  • Changes can only be made if no contract has been entered into.
  • If no contract is concluded between the parties, the hajj operator must refund the hajji in full.
  • When a contract is concluded and a Hujjaaj wants to change, this will be subject to a cancellation fees per the contract.
24. How will I be informed if I was accredited?
  • SAHUC will notify all successful applicants of their accreditation via SMS.
  • Your name, surname, serial number, area of residence, number of hajj and Mahram status if a repeat Hujjaaj will be placed on the SAHUC Hajj registry website.
25. General Terms
  • The responsibility for ensuring that true and correct information is provided at the time of registration will rest with the applicant (the person intending to perform hajj); irrespective if the application was completed by a third party.
  • Tick the Acceptance box, accepting the condition for application and subsequent accreditation where applicable.
  • All queries must be directed to the following email address: info@sahuc.org.za only. Allow 72 hrs for queries to be addressed.
  • Accreditation is subject to the quota received from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for South Africa.
  • Repeat hajjis will only be considered once all first time hajj has been accredited within the allocated quota.
  • Accreditation of repeat Hujjaj will be done on an elimination basis - ie, those hajjis that have been for hajj 20years ago have preference over those that have been for hajj more recently ( last 5 years etc)
  • No consideration will be given for Badal Hajj. Any application made for this purpose will be dealt with as a repeat hajji.


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